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CryptoControl is yet another crypto and blockchain technology based news aggregator bent on providing it’s users with a steady stream of updated information. Upon joining the site, you will find four large boxes, each one with a special purpose.


• Track News articles:

o Clicking the box that says “Track news articles” will bring you to a rather simple list of news from several exchanges. You can weed through them all or sort them by category. You can also choose to see only pieces from Twitter or Reddit.

• Build using our crypto news API:

o Following the second box, you will find the sites platform for everything API related. Cryptocontrol also supports several different SDKs which are all available here.

• Heatmap:

o This is the third (bottom left) box you’ll find on the website. Upon clicking, you’ll be taken to a very colorful heatmap displaying various pieces of news color coded by its type. Types include General, Blockchain, Mining, ICOs, Government, Analysis, Exchanges, and Old. The color schemes can be found at the bottom of the page and as news becomes older, the colors fade until they die (gray).

• Track Social Feeds:

o Upon selecting the final box available you will be taken to a page where several social feeds are laid out nice and neat for your viewing pleasure. Here you’ll find feeds across several different social media news outlets regarding specific coins of your choice. There are over 2000 coins to choose from.

Pros & Cons
  • One of the top-quality aggregators available.
  • Great functionality and uniqueness
  • I would like to see some of the features from other aggregators here. This looks like one of the best aggregators around, but there are features from others that I do enjoy using that this one lacks.