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Vaultoro blog Review
Vaultoro blog
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Vaultoro is a well-established and professional crypto and commodity trading platform. Users can add their bitcoin to the wallet and use that trade based off of the price of commodities, such as gold. This gold is physically stored in vaults held by Vaultoro.

If this sounds unorthodox, head over to the blog to find more information.

In the blog section you will find tons of information about Vaultoro, weekly market analysis reports, some random crypto related articles, and general news about Vaultoro’s services.

With regards to a gold to bitcoin trading platform, I’d expect a very well-tailored blog. The articles that are posted seem to be fairly well written and curated but the last update to the blog was back in August. I think it’s safe to say that this blog is not updated regularly. Judging by the last few months I’d say you would be lucky to find content updates more than five times per month. I suppose quality does come before quantity though, right?

Aside from that, the website follows a pretty traditional blog format that one would expect from a crypto related firm. There of course are pictures of copious amounts of gold everywhere you look on the website and the blog is no exception. However, the design is relatively clean and the blog function requires no skill to navigate.

Pros & Cons
  • The blog does have interesting market updates and information.
  • Content is far and few between.
  • Content relating to the actual services are even further and farther between, which seems a bit odd to me.