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Cryptolinks - 2450+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

by Nate Urbas

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(5 reviews)
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For participants actively engaging with the crypto market, it is advisable to have all the tools required to cope with increasingly evolving narratives. This requirement is particularly critical for individuals whose profitability depends on quick responses to changing tides. This is where crypto news aggregators enter the fray and why we have decided to explore the features of, one of the latest and most impressive additions to this landscape. Here, we will look at the core fundamentals of this product as well as its pros and cons.

What Is Coinjoy.Io? is a new breed of crypto news aggregator that has done enough to feature on our prestigious list of top crypto websites. The platform came into the scene in early 2020 with the mandate of establishing an all-in-one site, where crypto participants can track happenings in the budding industry. Even though it is a new offering, has shown that it understands the rudimentary of the crypto landscape and the fundamental needs of participants. And so, its features tackle prevalent issues associated with crypto news trackers.

What Are the Features of Coinjoy.Io?

News Aggregator Algorithm

As you would expect of an aggregating platform, has an algorithm that collates news from a long list of media platforms committed to providing accurate and up-to-date reports on the latest crypto developments and events. This algorithm indicates the time of publication and displays a preview of the news. With this capability, users do not need to visit the sources of aggregated news before having a clear understanding of what it contains. This model is more convenient than the popularly utilized headlines aggregating algorithms.

Crypto Price Tracker

Apart from enabling a crypto news aggregating feature, the platform also offers an interface that tracks the live price movements of 12 popular cryptocurrencies. This functionality allows users to keep track of price movements and also analyze how events or developments alter market conditions. In other words, provides an array of trackers for extensive fundamental analysis. Besides, a click on the prices of these digital assets redirects users to CryptoCompare, where further analysis and data are provided.

It Has A Media Section

One thing we found interesting about is its attention to detail. In a section tagged ‘’Media,” the website publishes articles encapsulating popular crypto events and other core developments brewing within the industry. Likewise, there is a column in the form of a weekly summary that rehashes exciting developments in the crypto world. The media section also contains reviews about other crypto websites and comprehensive guides explaining processes and systems relating to blockchain and crypto technologies.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Coinjoy.Io?

Having explored the features of, the next step is to identify its strengths as well as its flaws.

Pros of Coinjoy.Io

The Platform Is Free has made sure that its visitors access all the features mentioned above free of charge. Therefore, users do not need to pay to enjoy these services, nor do they need to register or submit their details to receive special privileges.

The Interface Is Neat and Simple

Another notable advantage of using this news aggregator revolves around its user interface. The website utilizes an aesthetic and simple design that promotes fast navigation and boosts user experience. All the features and tracking systems of Coinjoy are neatly toggled on the home screen. This feat is even more impressive when you consider that site provides a preview of aggregated news. Furthermore, the platform incorporates a dark-themed screen design option.

The Website’s Algorithm Is Efficient

The essence of adopting a news aggregator site is to have all the critical and latest news in a single and well-arranged setup. And so, it only made sense that ensured that its algorithm logs entries swiftly. In other words, immediately logs crypto news whenever supported media platforms publish them. It is worth mentioning that this bodes well for crypto traders, as they ought to identify tropes that could change trends quickly. While compiling this review, we noticed that the aggregator even acknowledges crypto news in a variety of languages, which is a rare feat. Hence, this led us to believe that the team behind this project is looking to establish a platform suitable for a global market.

It Relies on Credible Sources for Its News

Other than offering a fast crypto news aggregator algorithm, has also ascertained that all of its sources are credible new portals. After going through its list of the 47 supported news portals, we discovered that prioritizes media platforms with reputable track records. This list includes prominent sites featured on our top crypto news websites category, including Cointelegraph, Coindesk, and be[in]crypto.

The Website Has No Ads

It is also a rare undertaking that chose to enable a website that is completely free of ads, even though it is providing news aggregating functionalities in exchange for nothing. This notable move is a major boost for user experience as visitors do not have to worry about distractions while using the tools made available on the website.

It Is Mobile-Friendly

To improve on UI and UX, the design adopted for the website is mobile.friendly. During the analysis of the mobile version of the site, we noticed that all tools were functioning appropriately. In other words, there were no disparities between the user experience of the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Cons of

There Are No Alerting Tools

From our research, we discovered that is an ongoing project. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that certain functionalities are yet to feature on the website. One of such functionalities is the alerting tool. Without this, users cannot receive notifications whenever the platform logs one or more events that could alter the price movements of digital assets in their portfolios.

There Are No Community Sentiment Indicators

Another vital feature absent on the site is the community sentiment indicator. This tool allows users to have an idea of the prevailing sentiments trailing news. In most cases, established crypto news aggregators show whether readers think that an article will have bullish or bearish effects on the prices of cryptocurrencies.

Pros & Cons
  • The Platform Is Free
  • The Interface Is Neat and Simple
  • The Website’s Algorithm Is Efficient
  • It Relies on Credible Sources for Its News
  • The Website Has No Ads
  • It Is Mobile-Friendly
  • There Are No Community Sentiment Indicators
  • There Are No Alerting Tools