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Breaking Down Crypto-Analysis: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Leading Analysis Methods Review
Breaking Down Crypto-Analysis: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Leading Analysis Methods
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Breaking Down Crypto-Analysis is an ebook available on Kobo and Amazon that delves into cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and analysis and appraisal methods being utilized by industry practitioners. The book is split into two sections, one which gives an overview of the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology, and the other dedicated to analysis methods.

The first part of the book explains complicated concepts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain in an easy-to-understand way while the second part has chapters dedicated to fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and portfolio management techniques. While the first part of the book which deals with the technology and industry is vastly covered content at this stage, the second half of the book is a more fresh area that is still in the starting stages of being addressed.

The book was written by a first-time author whose background is in finance. The book is short overall spanning approximately 70 pages making it more suitable as an introduction for those interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and their markets than as a comprehensive guide for the more adept crypto enthusiast.

Pros & Cons
  • Complicated concepts explained in an easy-to-understand way
  • Covers appraisal and analysis methods for cryptocurrencies which remains a relatively new area
  • Suitable for beginners looking for an introduction to the industry and markets
  • The part of the book simplifying the technology and cryptocurrency industry is widely seminated content at this stage