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Madana is a project which completed an ICO in the final quarter of 2018. The project applies blockchain technology to the field of data analysis to propose the benefits of enhanced data privacy and security. The project was the first issued on the Lisk blockchain and will also be the first sidechain to Lisk. There have been many concerns raised about the Lisk blockchain from the cryptocurrency community such as there being little innovation from the Ethereum blockchain apart from Javascript being able to be used as a project. Despite the mainnet of Lisk being launched in mid-2019, Madana is their first project.

The first two quarters of 2019 will be to conduct research and development as well as expanding the team. Progressing into the third quarter of 2019, the team will look to start executing pilot projects. The token issued for Madana is PAX. The total supply of tokens is 100 million with 15% going to the team and advisors. Some of the value propositions of the project include users having more accessible data, being able to maintain their privacy, and being able to make better use of data for their business decisions.

Pros & Cons
  • Seeks to leverage blockchain technology to provide better data solutions
  • Launched on a blockchain which has been in existence since 2016
  • The low adoption of the Lisk blockchain raises some concerns
  • A large number of tokens go to the founders!!