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CryptoCoinDude is a website which provides a cryptocurrency blog that has been operating since September of 2017. The website covers a wide variety of content including news developments, reviews of products and businesses operating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and different altcoins and tokens are also reviewed. The aim of the content is to make some of the complicated concepts in cryptocurrency more understandable. All of the content is in written format. Most posts are short in length and use simple and understandable language. Overall, the resource is more aimed for those beginning with the technology and more advanced and technical users will likely find little value in the content.

CryptoCoinDude offers advertising packages as a service. Those interested can choose between four different advertising services. This includes a press release, sponsored content, and two different types of banner advertisements. The pricing is high when compared with the prices for similar advertisements on cryptocurrency news outlets.

CryptoCoinDude is active on a number of social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. The following on social media is small with content not being published regularly to the different social media sites.

Pros & Cons
  • A wide variety of content covered
  • Suitable for those beginning in cryptocurrency. Gives a wide overview of the ecosystem