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Gekko Review

Gekko is an open source bitcoin trading bot. Users can download the software on to their computer or alternatively fork the software on GitHub to adapt to their own preferences. Currently, the software has around 4,000 downloads per month via the website and almost 2,500 forks on the Github page. To install Gekko, users will need to be able to use the command line and some developer tools. It will be difficult to install for a non-technical user.

Users define their trading strategy and Gekko provides a number of valuable features such as dealing with data, backtesting, interacting with the exchange, providing a web interface, calculating metrics among other things.

There are many upsides to Gekko. It is free to use and has extensive support. There is a forum where users of Gekko can discuss a wide variety of topics including strategy, technical discussion, and technical support. On the website, users are informed that if they have an issue, they can post an issue on Github along with being provided with an email address they can contact. There is also extensive discussion in other online cryptocurrency communities such as BitcoinTalk and Reddit between users who use the bots.

Gekko WAS SHUT DOWN IN 2020!

Pros & Cons
  • Open source project
  • Free to use
  • Widely adopted with 4,000 downloads per month from website and 2,500 forks from Github page
  • Provides a large number of valuable features
  • Extensive support with an email address provided on the website to contact
  • There is extensive discussion regarding the product and how to use it online
  • Online forum for Gekko which provides valuable discussion
  • Users are responsible for developing their own strategy
  • Users need to be familiar with using the command line in their computer along with developer tools to use and manage Gekko