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Etherscan.io Review
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Etherscan is one of the best crypto trade tools with very important details on market capitalization. It is regarded as the Ethereum block explorer and has several features that makes it outstanding. On the site, you can search for different details like; Account, Tx Hash and Data. The site is supported by various websites like Ubex.com which is a site that allows you to buy tokens.

Boldly displayed on the site is the Market Cap with the price for crypto pairs like BTC/ETH. This crypto pair shows the Last Block, Hash Rate, Tokens and Difficulty in Network. It is then followed by a chart that shows the history of transactions in Ethereum as explained.

Afterwards, the site shows Blocks on the platform. There are several blocks on the platform which is updated at least every second or minute. The Blocks show information on who mines on the site, tokens involved and Block reward. Also, transaction history is displayed every second.

Etherscan works on Ethereum mechanism i.e. Smart contracts and operates smoothly without stress. The main priority is to provide users with a topnotch information and act as one of the best trade tools. The site makes use of Twitter as a social media platform to help reach a targeted audience and disseminate information to the public.

Features of Etherscan

1. Blockchain: On the Blockchain section of the site, there are information on Tokens, pending tokens, Blocks, Uncles, Top Accounts and Verified Contracts.

2. Tokens: The only 2 acceptable tokens on Etherscan are; ERC-20 and ERC-721.

Pros & Cons
  • Beneficiary of Ethereum trading.
  • Topnotch information and figures.
  • Market capitalization and charts are not highlighted.