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EtherAddressLookup Review
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EtherAddressLookup is an extension developed for users of Chrome and Firefox. It has been developed to combat a massive problem in the crypto sphere, and that is phishing sites and malicious website links. Although it is currently in Beta phase and still undergoing further developments, it has become quite a useful tool for the crypto community.

EtherAddressLookup is easy to download and install on either Chrome and Firefox. Once enabled on the given browser, EtherAddressLookup provides some simple options for the user to select:

● Highlight Matches

● Perform Address Lookups

● Twitter Badges

● Warn of Blacklisted Domains

Apart from blocking malicious links and warning of blacklisted domains, EtherAddressLookup can also perform an address lookup for the user. This will automatically lookup the ether address, using Etherscan, from a link to verify it is legitimate or not. Furthermore, EtherAddressLookup adds a colour coded badge next to twitter handles. The colour codes displaying if the person is trustworthy or not. This is a very useful tool for the crypto community as there are so many "crypto influencers" on twitter and of course a lot of fakes. There are three categories to the twitter badges:

● Green - trustworthy

● Black - neutral

● Red - untrustworthy

The extension is totally free to download and use, the team have an Ether address on their page for anyone wishing to make donations to their ongoing developments.

Pros & Cons
  • A straightforward tool that is very efficient at protecting users from malicious web links.
  • Very good reputation in the crypto community.
  • Ongoing development to improve and expand the service.
  • Only supports Ether based addresses