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Decryptionary Review
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Decryptionary is a website that aims to educate users about cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of technical terms in cryptocurrency that people have never heard of before. Moreover, the crypto community who take interest, trade, and invest in these projects, have also developed their own slang/terms when talking about crypto and trading. These terms would be unknown to the general public. Decryptionary has provided a resource where anyone can go and look up these terms and can be educated about what they mean and their wider context.

The website is very user-friendly with the main page consisting of a search bar. The search bar will allow users to enter in any crypto term that they don't understand. The term can be either slang or a technical programming term. The website will then show a list of results for that term, the user can select which is most relevant and then provide an explanation (sometimes including diagrams) of what that terms mean and how it is relevant in the cryptocurrency world.

Decryptionary also provides further resources for total beginners. They have free introductory PDFs covering with all you need to know about the basics of cryptocurrencies and how they work. The majority of resources, including the search bar dictionary, are free to use on Decryptionary. Users can make donations to the team if they wish to support the project. Decryptionary is currently making a premium addition to their website where they will provide more in-depth insight and videos for a small fee.

Pros & Cons
  • Very informative articles including diagrams
  • User-friendly website and easy to find relevant resources.
  • The website is slow when searching for terms.
  • Not very well known to the general public
  • Definitions are not extensive and will not include some of the more advanced technical terms