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Go Bitcoin QR Review
Go Bitcoin QR
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Bitcoin QR code generator is a tool provided by the GoBitcoin website. The website has an easy to use interface. It provides a lot of information about Bitcoin such as real-time Bitcoin prices and the market capitalisation. They also provide a wide range of information on the Bitcoin protocol itself, such as how Bitcoin works and what a 51% attack is. This is good information to have for beginners and experts alike. GoBitcoin also developed a range of tools to make using Bitcoin easier. One of these tools is the Bitcoin QR code generator.

The Bitcoin QR code generator has a straightforward interface for users. The user can first fill in the relevant Bitcoin address. This will then instantly give them a QR code for that address. However, the user can also attach optional amounts of Bitcoins to this QR code by filling in the relevant box.

The user can also customise the QR code itself by adjusting the image size and image redundancy. The image redundancy is the amount an image can be changed before it becomes invalid. After filling in these options, the user is provided with a QR code and a matching URI. The user can then easily download the QR code or save a copy of the image.

Pros & Cons
  • The website contains a lot of information about Bitcoin to ensure users are up to date and know the ins and outs before using their Bitcoin tools.
  • The QR code generation tool is easy to use and users can adjust settings to suit their needs.
  • QR code generation is limited to Bitcoin and it cannot be used to generate codes for altcoins.
  • There are a lot of services that provide QR code generators on the internet.