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Solume Review
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Solume compares social media with cryptocurrency price movements. Solume aims to compare social volume with the cryptocurrency prices so that users can try and spot trends and enhance their trading.

The homepage is displayed similar to CoinMarketCap. There is a list of cryptocurrencies with information on their current prices and price change. The difference with Solume is that it also has four additional categories:

● Social Volume and Sentiment (24 hours) - count of social media posts.

● Social Volume Change (24 hours) - percentage change of count of social media posts.

● Sentiment Change (24 hours) - percentage change of positivity or negativity in social media posts.

● Social Volume Trends (24 hours) - trends of social volume over the past 7 days.

If we select a coin, for example, Bitcoin, the user can have a closer look at the statistics. On the Bitcoin Solume page, there is a graph showing price superimposed with social volume trends. Users can customise the timescale for the graph. There are only three months of historical data to use at the moment. Users can also customise the type of social volume content they would like to see. They can change the graph to display social volume, sources of social volume, or the sentiment of the social volume. This makes Solume a very useful tool for people wanting to compare social volume/social sentiment to crypto price movements.

Pros & Cons
  • Well designed and user-friendly website.
  • Users can customise what social trends they would like to compare, to help spot trends.
  • Not much historical data.