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Bitcoin Storage & Security 101 Presented by Pamela Morgan Review
Bitcoin Storage & Security 101 Presented by Pamela Morgan
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This is a 46 minutes 26 seconds YouTube Video that explains storing your Bitcoins safe and secure. The video has over 5,000 views and has received quite a reaction from the public. In the video, the tutor, Pamela Morgan introduces herself and the company she works for.

There were several topics she made mention of; an example is the Brain Wallet where she asked people: “How many of us have heard of Brain wallet?” She went further by saying: “Brain wallets are not secure; the reason they are not secure is because they do not have an appropriate entropy”.

She explained in the video on different security protocols. Below are the highlights from the video

1. Most of our pins are 1,2,3,4. Avoid using easy pins which could pose a lot of risk to your digital wallet. Use more than 4 digits if you can do that.

2. PassPharse Basic Practices: When you need to use words, don’t try to add lines from your textbook or make it simple. Make it tricky but easy to be understood by you.

3. She also explained storing Backups safely.

In summary, Pamela Morgan talked about how to properly ensure your keys are backed-up and different ways in which you can store them. She also explained how you can set up and make use of your own multi-signature address that can only be controlled by you. Lastly, other tips and practices to ensure your Bitcoin is kept safe.

Pros & Cons
  • The video explains a lot on how to store Bitcoins safely.
  • Slides are available below the video.
  • Quality of video depends on device.
  • Language barrier could be a problem.