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Captain Altcoin - Cryptocurrency Community Review
Captain Altcoin - Cryptocurrency Community
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Crypto trading is wide, the market is large and the coins are numerous; therefore, it is usually difficult to be able to identify which path to tread. Captain Altcoin-Cryptocurrency Community is just the best platform to join if you wish to reduce the noise attached to crypto trading as well as other misleading info out there.

This is a closed group on Facebook, which is open to only the serious-minded ones. It is a group that brings crypto traders, investors and enthusiasts together, helping one another by giving out basic information as well as trading skills and insights of the crypto market.

You have to be determined to take crypto trading serious if you want to join this group. You will be asked few questions once you request to join, your responses will be sent to the admin and if done well, you'll be welcomed to the group.

The rules on the group make sanity possible as moderators ensure that no one sends any message or posts any comment that negates learning, teaching or being a part of the crypto market.

You enjoy consistent postings of relevant information and also post vital information as they come in handy. If you are really interested in learning more and betting to become a better trader and investor, then, Captain Altcoin is a group you should join immediately.

Pros & Cons
  • It's a closed group with serious-minded individuals, therefore no spamming or irrelevant posts.
  • You can be sure all the information gotten on this platform will be relevant to building your knowledge about crypto trading.
  • It is a group where you help and get helped, that makes for mutualism.
  • The process attached to joining the group is way too extreme.