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by Nate Urbas

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Binance Mining Pool

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Behind the Veil of the Binance Mining Pool

Allow me to address a significant topic in the wide world of cryptocurrencies: the Binance Mining Pool. In April 2020, Binance, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, expanded its offerings and introduced the Binance Mining Pool. This platform has since provided a confluence of services to users, combining the opportunity for cryptocurrency mining and staking using Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms. The birth of the Binance Mining Pool was synchronized with major shifts within the digital currency realm, including Bitcoin halving and Ethereum's announcement to transition to the PoS algorithm. But how would one set up and join the Binance pool? What benefits does it hold over other mining pools? Let's dive into these questions.

The Binance Pool for Mining: An Overview

Not every mining pool supports a direct payout to an exchange deposit account. This hurdle, however, is non-existent in the Binance pool. In terms of supported cryptocurrencies, the platform began with the basics, facilitating mining of Bitcoin (BTC) and stacking of EOS, GXChain, and Tezos tokens. Ethereum came into the picture later on. One major edge the Binance pool has is its association with the world-renowned Binance brand. After launching the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash pools, the server for collective Ethereum mining was set in motion. This added feature, coupled with the advantage of daily payouts, has helped Binance maintain a strong foothold within the top global cryptocurrency mining pool rankings.

Unraveling the Advantages of the Binance Mining Pool

Priority and Rewards

The Binance mining pool uses the Full Pay Per Share (FPPS) reward system which impeccably divides income and charges between all miners proportionate to their given power. This strategy is rewarding and ensures a fair division of profits amongst all parties.

Reduced Commission Payment

The Binance pool offers minimal commission payments, significantly reducing overhead costs. This feature is attractive to miners looking to maximize their return on investment.

Automated Payouts

With Binance, miners wake up to see their hard-earned coins already deposited into their spot wallets, available for trading or withdrawal to a personal card. This automated system saves time and gives miners instant access to their funds.

No Payout Threshold

When mining on Binance, daily mining profits are transferred, eliminating the need to reach a certain amount of money before withdrawal. This promptly accessible payment system makes Binance appealing, especially to smaller miners.

Smart Pool System

The smart pool system allows for automatic hash rate switching between cryptocurrencies, with the income calculated in Bitcoins. This smart strategy ensures profitability, even during periods of high price fluctuations.

Digging into the Nitty-Gritty of Mining at Binance

Admission Process

Before diving into the waters of Binance’s mining pool, make sure to undergo the registration and full verification procedure on the Binance platform. This process will set the stage for an unfettered mining experience.

Preparing for Mining: A Step-by-Step Guide

Depending on your operating system (OS), you will need to set up the necessary configurations in software such as RaveOS or Windows. Each OS may vary slightly in the setup process, but here is a general guideline on setting up your mining rig.

Payouts and Statistics

Binance provides daily payouts for the mining pool from 03:00 to 13:00 (Moscow time) for the previous day. The lack of commission fees in ether mining significantly reduces the overhead costs for miners. Statistics on the Binance pool are showcased in a special section for the current and previous day. To cash out your funds, they must first be transferred to your Spot Wallet. From there, you can sell on the exchange or transfer them to your personal wallet.

Cashing Out: The Pros and Cons of Different Methods

If you have a verified account on Binance, tokens can be sold immediately for fiat money. Alternatively, you can use the offers on Binance's peer-to-peer platform. There are three main withdrawal options:


This method allows for direct transaction between users, bypassing intermediate parties and often resulting in lower fees.

Third-party Exchangers

This method involves exchanging cryptocurrencies with a third-party platform. While secure, this option may involve a fee or commission.

Exchange Conversion

This option involves converting your cryptocurrency into fiat money using the Binance exchange. This method is relatively straightforward, though it may involve transaction fees. In the frontier of the crypto world, advanced and efficient mining pools like Binance are an alluring prospect for cryptocurrency miners. Offering a blend of effective and user-friendly features, the Binance Mining Pool is undoubtedly a platform worth considering in your cryptocurrency mining journey.

Binance Mining Pool: A Critical, User-Based Perspective

I couldn't wait to dive deep into the recently launched Binance Mining Pool. Given my existing relationship with Binance as a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, I had high hopes for their extension into mining. I am here to share my comprehensive review about this service that offers a seamless blend of cryptocurrency mining and staking, using both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms. Delving into the details, I will address the pool's functionality, its features and ultimately assess whether it is worth your time and resources.

What Exactly is the Binance Mining Pool?

Often, a predicament with many pools is the unavailability of reward payments directly to your exchange deposit account. With Binance Pool, this problem is effectively solved. Starting with the traditional BTC mining and token staking like EOS, GXChain and Tezos, it extended its support to mining Ethereum. This broad cryptocurrency support is another selling point for the Binance Mining Pool. Thanks to the Binance brand, the Mining Pool has rapidly scaled, including daily payouts for Ethereum mining, placing it sturdily among the top 10 mining pools globally.

Binance Mining Pool Plus Points

Revenue Distribution and Low Fees

What tops my list of advantages is the Full Pay-Per-Share (FPPS) payment model, which offers a fair division of income and commissions among miners based on their contributing power. What's more, minimal commission payments help reduce the overall cost of mining, providing just another incentive to jump on the Binance Mining Pool bandwagon.

Automatic and Threshold-Less Payouts

Another significant benefit is the automatic, daily transfer of mined coins to your spot wallet. Unlike other pools, Binance has no minimum payout threshold, a feature much appreciated by low-power miners like myself.

Smart Pool and Comprehensive Crypto Services

Binance Pool uses a Smart Pool system, dynamically transitioning the hash rate among cryptocurrencies, but calculating the earnings in Bitcoin. The idea of having a single platform for diverse cryptocurrency services is appealing, as it eliminates the need for multiple platforms.

Joining the Binance Mining Community

If you're interested in joining the horde of Binance Pool miners, here's a step-by-step guide, based on personal experience:


Easy to sign up, all you need is to register and complete the full verification process. This step helps in lifting all potential restrictions on your account. Next, you will need to set up your mining equipment based on your operating system requirements.

Mining Setup for Different Operating Systems

After initial setup with RaveOS or Windows, you can use the information in the bat files to begin mining. If you are working with HiveOS, the setup is straightforward as well, much like RaveOS and Windows. The inclusivity of other systems such as EasyMiner and MinerOs is also commendable.

Payouts: An Uncomplicated Procedure

Binance pool provides miners with daily payouts, making it a rewarding experience. In my experience, there are no commissions for ether mining, significantly reducing the mining expenses. Statistics are readily available in a dedicated pool section, adding transparency to the process.

Withdrawal: Multiple Convenient Options

To withdraw your rewards, you will first need to transfer your mined coins to your Spot Wallet. From there, you can trade them on the exchange, move to a personal wallet or even sell them for fiat money. Given the verified account, you can choose to instantly sell your tokens for fiat money, utilizing the P2P-platform offerings. In summary, there are three key ways of withdrawing funds:

  • P2P
  • Third-party Exchangers
  • Direct Transfer to Fiat through Exchange

Final Thoughts on Binance Mining Pool

In conclusion, if you value transparency, a fair distribution of rewards, low fees and convenient withdrawal options in a mining pool, then the Binance Mining Pool may be worth exploring. Plus, the streamlined process from mining to trading within a single platform is a significant advancement in crypto mining. As a satisfied Binance Mining Pool user, I urge fellow miners to give it a chance and potentially boost their crypto earnings.

Pros of Binance Mining Pool

No Worries About Exchange Deposit Account Payments

The pool supports the payment of remuneration to the exchange deposit account, eliminating the problem common with many pools that simply fail during the operation.

Standard and Altcoins Support

Started with standard BTC mining and EOS, GXChain, Tezos token stacking, this pool also supports Ethereum which is vital for many miners.

Daily Payouts

Binance Pool provides daily payouts, a much-awaited feature among miners.

Fee-friendly Commission System

The pool offers the minimum amount of commission payments, reducing costs for you.

Instantly Tradable Mined Coins

The mined coins are withdrawn to the spot wallet every morning in automatic mode, making them immediately available for trading or withdrawal to a personal card.

No Payout Threshold

Regardless of how much you've mined for the day, you get your payout. No need to wait to accumulate a certain amount of money.

Smart Pool System

The feature of automatic switching of hash rate between cryptocurrencies, with income calculated in bitcoins, offers a lot of convenience.

Multi-service in One Place

Apart from mining, you can trade, issue or acquire new coins and even deal with NFTs.

Cons of Binance Mining Pool

Full Verification Required

You must go through the registration and full verification procedure to remove all restrictions. This might be inconvenient for some users.

Technical Setup Necessary

You need to prepare your equipment and complete setup requirements depending on your OS. This can be complex and time-consuming for non-tech savvy miners.

Exchange and Conversion Steps

To withdraw funds, they must first be transferred to the Spot Wallet and only after that, you will be able to sell on the exchange or transfer to a personal wallet. This might be a cumbersome procedure for some users.

Restricted to Verified Accounts

If you have a verified account, tokens can be sold immediately for fiat money. This means, without verification you can't sell tokens for fiat immediately. Get the low-down on Binance Mining Pool, a subsidiary of the popular exchange, Binance. Explore the additional features offered, such as trading, staking, and mining, using PoW and PoS algorithms. Benefit from daily payouts, no payout threshold, and auto switching of hash rate between cryptocurrencies. Navigate the setup easily with a full guide on Raveos, Windows, and Hiveos. Discover the advantages of zero commission payments for ETH mining and transfer to Spot Wallet for trading or withdrawal. Stay ahead of the crypto game with Binance Mining Pool.


Pros & Cons
  • No Worries About Exchange Deposit Account Payments
  • Standard and Altcoins Support
  • Daily Payouts
  • Fee-friendly Commission System
  • Instantly Tradable Mined Coins
  • No Payout Threshold
  • Smart Pool System
  • Multi-service in One Place
  • Full Verification Required
  • Technical Setup Necessary
  • Exchange and Conversion Steps
  • Restricted to Verified Accounts