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Cryptolinks - 3800+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2024!

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Cointraffic, operational since 2014, describes itself as a cryptocurrency advertising network. It runs CPM campaigns and offers a variety of ad formats, including banners, pop-unders, and native ads.

The software is simple to use, making it simple to check daily payments and withdraw commissions. They have assisted over four hundred crypto projects from various niches around the world in developing a long-term Smart Marketing plan and product launch.

Are you presently looking to know if Cointraffic is a good network to join? You are just at the right stop. Read on as we divulge more interesting details about the company.


The official website for Cointraffic cryptocurrency is Since 2014, the Cointraffic Advertising Network has provided advertisers and publishers worldwide with the most cutting-edge advertising and monetization solutions. Cointraffic is a seasoned global crypto ad network with the necessary connections to help you achieve your goals.

Cointraffic is a global crypto advertising network that has assisted over 400 crypto projects with marketing and product sales. Working with Cointraffic is quite simple. You can join as an advertiser to buy cryptocurrency ads or as a publisher to sell ad space. Utilizing their Self-Service Tool, anybody can start serving ads or monetizing their cryptocurrency site instantly.

Who controls the website?

In 2018, Cointraffic set up Cointraffic 6.0, which included a self-service alternative. Advertisers have complete management over their campaigns as a result of this. For ages, their audience had requested this highlight, and a couple of months before Christmas in 2018, the team set out to make it a reality.

With self-service, you, the advertiser, control every facet of campaign running. You may access your dashboard anytime and manage each campaign from start to finish. This implies that you have access to your analytics; you can dictate your traffic and filter your audience, amongst other amazing things you can choose to do.

Who created

Sergei Verbitski created Cointraffic on January 1st, 2013. He is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer with a track record of success in digital marketing, advertising, gaming, and finance.

Sergei founded a market-leading premium ad network, served as Head of Marketing for the crypto business's most profitable gaming project, and invested in several new and resourceful start-ups, including a top-tier exchange aggregator.

Pro features of

Highlighted below are some of the significant pro features contained in Cointraffic.

There are several languages and geographical regions encompassed:

About ten languages can be translated into your Press Release. In conclusion, language does not obstruct publishing.

As expected, more languages translate to more reach, and having worldwide coverage for your public relations campaign means speaking directly to your ideal Crypto audience in their native tongue.

A fast launch:

You can start an advertising campaign in less than ten minutes. If banner designs or press release copies are missing from your collection, their team can help you create them in less than twenty-four hours.

A high CTR

They make sure that their ad formats are displayed in the most visible and top-rated locations feasible. As a result, it has the highest CTR in the crypto market.

Lead generation without a hassle

Native advertising is the most engaging and least unpleasant type of advertising currently available. To ensure the maximum conversion rate is feasible, use Native Ads to deliver action-ready and pre-heated traffic.

Instigate a brand buzz

They write a press release in twenty-four hours and disseminate it to the most popular cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related websites in 3 days. Build brand value, raise awareness, and broaden your cryptocurrency brand story.

Controlling performance

You can enhance and analyze the campaign's performance with easy-to-read performance documents. By merging all of their Ad Formats, they may maximize their return on investment.

Advertisements that can't be overlooked

Their numerous banner formats are all designed to grab the interest of your ideal audience. Accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms, with most of the information displayed on the first screen for simple recognition.

A relevant audience

Any Crypto website that displays your ads is evaluated regularly for quality and relevance. Bot traffic and pornographic sites are not accepted and will not be accepted.

Get content while also profiting

Help cryptocurrency firms advertise their products and services and simultaneously earn a fair fee for each press release produced. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to make money from your enterprise.

Ensure that your visitors are pleased

Native Ads have the distinct advantage of not seeming to be sponsored adverts. You can make money and concurrently keep your visitors happy if you use this subtle strategy.

Fully-loaded banner solution

It is easy to choose and place relevant adverts on your sites with the range of banner types available. Desktop and mobile visitors will generate revenue for you, as the CPM model specifies.

Payouts are made quickly

Your commission will be deposited directly into your Bitcoin wallet or preferred bank account. You are free to request at any moment.

There are a lot of active ads

You don't have to waste time selling adverts; rather, focus on growing your website while they take care of the revenue.

Sets up the ideal target

Build a new public relations campaign with a budget and parameters to aid in the generation of a list of Publishers who exactly suit your public relations goals.

A team of PR experts with years of experience

Their years of experience in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency marketing have taught them how to survive market challenges and difficulties.

As a result, they may be able to provide specialized support with the distribution of Press Releases. They know how to create a profitable marketing strategy and would happily share their experience with you.

User concerns about

Mostly, anything with its good sides will also have some areas of concern. Some of the users' concerns about are outlined below.

There is no referral system in place

Most people love having a referral system; however, doesn't have one on the network.

The average approval time is 1-2 days

As a result of a large number of requests, there is sometimes delayed support.

Payment information for

Cointraffic accepts a variety of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Cointraffic's compensation details are highlighted below.

Cointraffic compensates its publishers based on the website's quality and traffic. Payments are made three times every week. For instance, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For publishers, the lowest withdrawal cost is €25 for BTC Wallet and €300 for Bank Transfer. In contrast, an advertiser's minimum deposit charge is €20 for a banner campaign, €500 for the advertising budget, and €1500 for a press release distribution campaign. BTC, ETH, and bank transfers are all accepted payment options.

Distribution of Cointraffic Press Releases

Press release

If you want to gain publicity by publishing your content on top-notch crypto sites, Cointraffic can help. They allow you to post your content on the most popular crypto and bitcoin sites.

As another impressive feature of this crypto ad network, Cointraffic allows you to share your press release narrative on up to one hundred and fifty crypto-related websites.

Launching a press release is simple; you must build a PR campaign and provide a budget based on your requirements. With a few adjustments, you can get a list of Crypto-related sites utilizing Cointraffic's clever PR constructor tool. Everything is under your control because you will select the publications to whom you will distribute your content. If one of them does not fit your needs, you can quickly switch to another. Cointraffic will spread your PR throughout these sites once all is set up and the list is approved.

Formats for Cointraffic Ads

Publishers and advertisers can choose from various ad types offered by Cointraffic. In-page banners, slide banners, background advertising, pop-under ads, header banner ads, sticky banner ads, and native ads are some of the ad styles available.

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

In-page Banners

In-page banners are the most effective strategy to engage your audience and increase conversions. Cointraffic provides extremely responsive in-page banner advertising with strong brand awareness, making them an excellent alternative for advertisers.

Native ads

Native Ads are a great option for both publishers and advertisers because they blend in with the overall design and feel of the site. It senses the surroundings and adjusts its position accordingly. Native advertisements have a substantially higher graph than other ads. Native ads can be geo-targeted and device-targeted, allowing you to reach out to those interested in the cryptocurrency market.

Slide banner

Advertisements that stick to the web page's sidebar, mostly at the corner of the screen, are known as slide banners. They engage with the user immediately by scrolling up and down. The slide banner ad is 150x150 in size.

Background banner

Another excellent ad type offered by Cointraffic is the Background banner, which is shown in the webpage's background. It's the most effective technique to get a visitor's interest.

Pop-under advertisements

Pop-under ads are often effective at grabbing the interest of users. These adverts open a full-screen window that appears behind the content of the user's active window and includes a landing page. The target URL will open in a new tab in your browser. They function in all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Premium header

Cointraffic has a header banner ad that stays at the top of the webpage, giving more visibility to the visitors and increasing conversions. To deliver the optimal user experience, these ads span the full width of the user's screen.

Sticky banner

A sticky banner works in the same way as the premium header. The one dissimilarity is that it stays at the bottom when a user scrolls down the webpage. These advertisements can sometimes be irritating, but they have a high conversion rate.

Publishers' prerequisites for joining Cointraffic

Cointraffic has the following conditions that all publishers must meet before applying to this ad network to retain the highest quality and trust their services.

  • Sites with poor quality content will be ignored. Thus it is preferable to offer original and top-notch content

  • The site should be focused on the bitcoin market

  • The website must have a monthly unique visitor count of at least 5000

  • Websites with innovative designs are preferable

  • If your site has been proven to be engaged in spamming operations, you will be denied

  • Any inappropriate or hate-mongering content, like racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, and pornographic content, should be removed from the site

  • Free domain names like tk,.ml, and others aren't accepted; therefore, ensure you have a premium domain,.net,

  • Websites built on free platforms like Tumblr or Blogspot will be rejected

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I set up my first Cointraffic campaign?

A campaign can be created in three simple steps. You can choose one or more ad configurations, fill in the required information for the launch, and top up the balance utilizing our self-service interface. Your advertising campaign will commence after a short review. To begin, you can utilize your ideas or seek assistance from Cointraffic experts.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

Through the CoinGate system, they accept payments through bank wire, credit cards, and cryptocurrency. Bank transactions typically take a day to four business days, but Crypto payments can take up to one day. Visa and Mastercard payments are instantaneous.

How quickly can I begin working with Cointraffic?

It's quite simple to use Cointraffic. If you want to buy Crypto advertisements, you can sign up as an Advertiser, or if you wish to offer advertising positions, you can sign up as a Publisher. Anybody can start displaying advertising or monetizing their Cryptocurrency site in minutes with the Cointraffic self-service platform. If you have any questions, you can contact one of their managers.

Final thoughts

From the proceeding, one could note that Cointraffic is a fantastic network; it works well for advertisers and publishers. The advertising campaigns are simple to create, and they offer a variety of ad types. They pay out quickly, and their commission rate is fairly significant. To top it all, they supply their users with performance reports; with these, you can track your progress.

Pros & Cons
  • A high CTR
  • Lead generation without a hassle
  • The impressive list of clients
  • Instigate a brand buzz
  • A relevant audience
  • Advertisements that can't be overlooked
  • Payouts are made quickly
  • There are a lot of active ads
  • A team of PR experts with years of experience
  • Has been established since 2014
  • Helped ICO projects raise over $800 million since mid-2017
  • Offers a number of different services to tailor to client’s needs
  • Great website design and easy to use
  • The diversified team has expertise in a number of important areas.
  • There are several languages and geographical regions encompassed
  • A fast launch
  • There is no referral system in place
  • The average approval time is 1-2 days
  • Some ICO project clients have not turned out to be good investments such as Envion