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Binance Review
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Binance is the best and one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange in the universe. It is fast, secure and trustworthy with its dealings. Binance uses a Trust wallet as its official wallet because of its safety and mechanics in protecting users’ crypto and exchanging to the actual market value of BTC or any other cryptocurrency.

Registration on Binance is fast and easy and other options you may find on their site are; Customer service support, Favorite exchange rates, how to make Deposits and Instant withdrawals. Binance also has a mobile cryptocurrency exchange app that can be downloaded on devices rather than using the usual browser. Altogether, Binance has contributed to majority of cryptocurrency programs; no doubt it is referred to as the best of them all

Also, Binance been useful in several crypto programs aside exchanging. Some of the most popular ones are;

1. Binance Labs Incubation Month program.

2. Rounds of Community Coin of the Month

3. Mainnet Token Swaps.

4. Binance Academy Community Content Drive

Pros & Cons
  • Binance doesn’t leave any information out.
  • Exchange rates are updated every moment they are changed in accordance to market condition.
  • Binance sponsors a lot of cryptocurrency programs.