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Have you ever thought trading without having to worry about expiration? Bitmex is a crypto exchange site whose specialty is into trading products with cryptocurrency like Bitcoins without expiry dates.

Within few seconds, you can sign up on the site and start trading. This signing up process is safe and secure because no personal info about the trader is required. Bitmex grants over 100x leverage on Bitcoins and a high leverage on Altcoin. It has one of the most amazing security systems, better than most cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Also, you can view Live trading on Bitmex without having to sign up, and even after signing up, within few minutes you can trade. However, your deposit requires only 1 confirmation before you can trade.

Features of Bitmex

1. Contracts: Bitmex permits several contract types which are either bought or paid out in Bitcoins. It is under this contract type that Bitmex has a contract type that doesn’t have an expiration date. This is called Perpetual contracts.

2. Topnotch Security: Bitmex has one of the amaxing security systems better than most exchange sites; it operates under a multi-factor protocol and guarantees safety of funds and deposits.

3. API: The trading system is an advanced API technology which is used by institutions like banks interested in investments and hedge funds. API is one unique system to look out for in every exchange site.

Pros & Cons
  • Bitmex has an advanced API technology.
  • The security system on Bitmex gives users the assurance that all funds are safe.
  • Bitmex has unique products by offering over 100x leverage on Bitcoins and high leverage on contracts involving Altcoin.