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There are several review guides online detailing Namecheap’s domain name registration and management services. Conversely, there are not enough reviews exploring its web hosting services. The reason being that it has established itself as a juggernaut in the domain management space. In this review, we will dissect the workings of Namecheap with an emphasis on its crypto web hosting services.

What is Namecheap?

Without any doubt, Namecheap has become a household name because it offers topnotch and affordable domain name registration and maintenance services. However, what many don’t know is that Namecheap’s business scope extends beyond providing and renewing domain names. The platform has incorporated other elements of website hosting and management that put it in contention as one of the valid ecosystems for individuals and companies looking to maintain a reliable online presence. Importantly, Namecheap has positioned itself as a digitally-inclined web management service provider that understands the importance of allowing its users to pay for web hosting packages with bitcoin.

What Are the Hosting Packages Available on Namecheap?

Namecheap offers a myriad of service plans to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses.

Shared Hosting

Namecheap’s shared hosting service plans are some of the cheapest and loaded web hosting packages you will find on the internet. Stellar Plan, going for $1.44 per month, allows subscribers to host up to 3 websites, which is unheard of in the web hosting market. Apart from that, the service plan comes with a free website builder, access to free domain name services for the first year, and a 20GB SSD server.
Next to Stellar Plan is Stellar Plus. As expected, this package has improved services and additional features ranging from unmetered SSD, unlimited websites, auto backup, and a free domain. You can get all these by paying $2.44 per month or its equivalent in bitcoin. Namecheap’s premium shared hosting subscription plan, Stellar Business, has a $4.44 per month price tag. It is a bumper package that includes 50GB SSD, auto backup, and cloud storage.

VPS Hosting

Beyond shared hosting services, Namecheap also provides affordable VPS hosting deals, starting from $11.80 per month for the basic plan. Its premium VPS package, offering 4 CPU cores, 6GB RAM, 120GB disk space, 3000GB bandwidth, and much more, goes for $19.88 per month.

Dedicated Hosting

In addition to VPS and shared hosting, Namecheap has three plans for individuals and businesses that are particular about increasing the performances of their website via dedicated servers. Namecheap’s dedicated hosting plans range from $48.88 to $199.88. The latter offers heavy-duty processing power, impressive database infrastructure, and a fast data transfer accelerator. Other hosting plans include the WordPress and Email subscription packages.

What Are the Pros of Adopting Namecheap As Your Crypto Web Hosting Platform?

It Has A Fair Pricing Policy

From the name alone, it is easy to decipher that Namecheap has decided to make web hosting services affordable. You will notice from its service fee structure that the platform is making this a reality. Not only is accessing an $18 per year service plan is a rare feat in the web hosting sector, but also enjoying loads of features and tools for that amount is unheard of. For one, you can host as many as 3 websites on Namecheap’s basic hosting plan. Unlike other web hosting services, Namecheap doesn’t unnecessarily raise its fees once it is time for service renewal.

The Speed Is Reasonable

The speed of Namecheap’s web hosting infrastructure is commendable. However, it is important to note that businesses or individuals requiring higher and more impressive loading or response time can opt for the platform’s dedicated hosting plans.

Namecheap Has Set Up Various Security Measures for Its Customers

The bitcoin web hosting service has shown commendable commitment towards keeping its users, as well as their customers, safe. As such, it offers privacy protection as part of its free domain management service for new members. Likewise, it provides free SSL certificate initiations for the first year and 2FA and identity validation to protect users’ control panels from unauthorized access.

Reasonable Storage Offerings

Depending on the hosting plan you opt for, you are entitled to reasonable SSD storage infrastructure. Stellar Plan comes with 20 GB storage capacity while Stellar Business offers 50 GB, which is not bad for businesses with high storage needs.

Its Lowest Plan Provides Twice A Week Auto-Backup

Auto backup is an important addition to Namecheap’s list of add-ons. More impressive is the fact that this feature costs no additional fee for even users opting for the Stellar plan. You will agree that having your data backed now and then is a potent antidote to data loss.

Free Domain Registration, Website Migration, And Website Building Service

Customers who are yet to have an existing website can capitalize on Namecheap’s expertise in the domain registration landscape. People who fall under this category can set up their domain and use the platform website building tools at no additional cost. Likewise, new users with existing cPanel-based websites are eligible for Namecheap’s fast and free website migration services.

Excellent User Interface and User Experience

Namecheap has adopted an easy to navigate control panel that houses website data and information in an uncluttered manner. Thus, it doesn’t take much to understand and navigate the billing, hosting, and domain management section of the control panel. Another important detail that relates to user experience is the availability of a clean status page that informs users on the latest updates, maintenance dates, service upgrades, network status, email notifications, and so on.

Customer Support Is Respectable

More often than not, we hear of the unprofessionalism of web hosting platforms as regards the implementation and execution of customer support systems. In the case of Namecheap, its customer support culture is above-average as representatives promptly offer assistance to users. Note that there are reviews online, which claim that the platform’s representatives are often clueless once complaints are highly technical. However, throughout the time of researching this platform, we had little reason to doubt the efficacy of Namecheap’s customer support system.

What Are the Cons of Namecheap?

Performance Does Not Live Up to Expectation

Performance remains a valid yardstick to judge the efficacy of web hosting platforms. Owing to this school of thought, we explored the factors relating to website uptime and speed. We are aware that both factors are functions of the hosting packages chosen. In essence, we do not expect a shared hosting server to post similar performance ratings provided to users who opt for the dedicated server option. However, for this review, we limited our research to Namecheap’s shared hosting plans as they are undoubtedly the most attractive and perhaps the most adopted hosting options.
On its website, Namecheap promises 100% uptime across all of its shared hosting packages. While this seems impressive, it is, however, not feasible. There are no perfect web hosting platforms out there, not even the more expensive and premium service providers. The best Namecheap can do is ensure that uptime hovers around the 99.9% market standards mark. Even at that, there are plenty of instances where the platform was unable to meet up to this requirement. If you must use Namecheap, we advise that you discard the 100% uptime expectation. Nonetheless, the uptime capacity of Namecheap is still respectable, considering how low its service fees are.

Pros & Cons
  • It Has A Fair Pricing Policy
  • The Speed Is Reasonable
  • Namecheap Has Set Up Various Security Measures for Its Customers
  • Reasonable Storage Offerings
  • Its Lowest Plan Provides Twice A Week Auto-Backup
  • Free Domain Registration, Website Migration, And Website Building Service
  • Excellent User Interface and User Experience
  • Customer Support Is Respectable
  • Performance Does Not Live Up to Expectation